online listing seo scam
November 10, 2016 Blogroll No Comments

As a person who is regularly trying to ensure that Google business listings are correct trust me: Google will never call you unless you have begged, cried, clicked a million links and sold several hours of your life to the black hole we call the internet. Thus said, if someone calls you claiming to be Google, just hang up. If someone calls you and says that your Google business listing is about to expire, just hang up. These people aren’t real, they are with an SEO scam that is looking to make you pay for a free service Google provides.

We have received some of these SEO scam calls lately, so business owner beware. More information directly from Google here:

Similarly, you may receive an SEO scam phone call from Yahoo or Yext. They will offer you four paid plans to have your business listed on Yahoo. If you have a huge marketing budget that affords to pay for one of these packages, that’s great! But if you’re a small business like us, you will want to ask for the Yahoo Basic listing only. This basic listing is free, you can claim and manage the listing for free here:

There are many other websites that provide free business listings and there are probably scammers out there that will “ensure your listing doesn’t expire.” Always search the internet yourself before giving your payment information to someone over the phone (or in person). Business listings are in important part of your marketing campaign since providing correct information will ensure that potential customers can find you, however most of the time listings are free and never expire.

At Cranium 360, we use Moz Local to check our client’s online listings. Moz provides a comprehensive service that allows us to check your listings across the internet and manually search out each listing for accuracy. We recommend keeping all of your listings under a single email account that can be passed on to new staff members of your business or to outsourced marketing agencies in the future. In addition, we suggest setting up a free gmail account such as to use for claiming listings (this will prevent spam from getting into your personal inbox).

The Cranium 360 team provides cohesive SEO packages for your business that include checking all of your free listings and determining if paid listings are a good option for your business. Give us a call, we’d love to meet with you.

Written by Amelia Higgins