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online listing seo scam

As a person who is regularly trying to ensure that Google business listings are correct trust me: Google will never call you unless you have begged, cried, clicked a million links and sold several hours of your life to the black hole we call the internet. Thus said, if someone calls you claiming to be Google, just hang up. If someone calls you and says that your Google business…

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managing social media

Managing Social Media for Business

Managing social media accounts can be a real pain, especially if you’re trying to keep your personal life and your business (or the businesses you manage) separate. Logging in and out, keeping up with a million different passwords and keeping up with multiple platforms is hard. Luckily, some of your favorite social media platforms have added multiple account options! These features will help you seamlessly switch between business and…

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Printing & PDF files – what you need to know

Not all PDF files are created equal. PDF (Portable Document Format) files were created by Adobe to exchange files reliably, no matter which software, hardware or operating system is being used. PDF files can contain hyper-links, buttons, form fields, audio, video and “business logic” elements. To ensure that your PDF file fits your professional needs, special standards were created, such as PDF/A for archiving, PDF/E for engineering and PDF/X…

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SEO Crash Course

This presentation covers the basic concepts of SEO and what search engines look for when crawling your website.  If you are a business owner and you are thinking of  hiring a digital marketing agency to manage your search engine optimization, take a look at this presentation and review these concepts with your SEO provider.  A qualified SEO consultant will provide more than just cleaning up your online directories.  Make…

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The online world is ever changing, and Google’s algorithms seem to change faster than you can update your last blog post. In a world of ever increasing clutter and online competition, how can you be sure your online presence is making the right impact? What’s even more puzzling, is how to know what online strategies are right for you and your business model.

Things to consider when developing your online…

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Boring Logos and Why We Need Them (Sometimes)

If you watch logos you’ve probably seen this trend: boring logos with only one or two colors, overly simple graphics and very little text. This article will go through a few notable logos that have recently simplify and why.

logo redesign comedy central

Comedy Central recently switched to a very simple black and white logo. Comedy Central watches gave the logo an…

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Companies that are Rebranding with a New Logo

Companies change their logo for a variety of reasons. A new logo often comes as part of a larger push to re-brand the company as a whole. This could be because the company is restructuring internally or expanding into a new market. Here are a few of the big companies that have redesigned their logo recently and why.

google new logo brand

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Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

After working with businesses for several years, there are a few standby guidelines that I always wish everyone knew going in.  These ten marketing do’s and don’ts will go a long way in helping your company maintain a strong brand, a good reputation and a strategic outlook.  Follow these guidelines and avoid costly mistakes in your branding and communications.

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Marketing Intern Internship

Marketing in the Real World

From the bright orange walls to the neon green nose above boss man’s desk, Cranium 360 is a culture shock compared to every other business I’ve ever worked for. Working for a marketing agency means days that go from discussions about industrial insulation to blogging about interior design, to calling Google to fix a client’s address listing. It may be a whirlwind but it’s the most fun I’ve had…

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art director

Be Nice to Your Art Director or He Will Ruin You

The role of art director in an agency is akin to a heart in a body—nothing happens without one. He or she is responsible, ultimately, for the look, feel and quality of work sent to the client. That’s a lot of power for one person.

Keeping said person happy, therefore, behooves us little mortals on the other end of the office.

That said, here’s a list of what not to do…

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