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Companies change their logo for a variety of reasons. A new logo often comes as part of a larger push to re-brand the company as a whole. This could be because the company is restructuring internally or expanding into a new market. Here are a few of the big companies that have redesigned their logo recently and why.

google new logo brand

Everyone heard about the Google logo switch back in September 2015, Google just has that much marketing pull. But why all the fuss for a typeface change? What you might not know is that the logo change represents a number of changes Google has made recently. Most notably, the company is trying to consolidate its many ventures by moving Google under the bigger company umbrella called Alphabet. Alphabet doesn’t really even have a logo though. That’s because the holding company is just a way to better organize Google’s many ventures and make the company a secure choice for investors.


Google isn’t the only technology company that has recently decided a split would be beneficial though. Hewlett-Packard recently split into “HP Inc.,” which holds the PC and printer business and “HP Enterprise,” which works on the software and customer service. The company is hoping the split will allow both companies to focus more and be more adaptable to market changes. CEO Meg Whitman says, “Being nimble is the only path to winning.”

paypal new logo rebranding

Ebay also recently spun off part of its company. PayPal became a company all its own in 2015 and got a new logo to go with it. The new logo is even more scalable, to be used on every digital platform including the tiny screens of new wearable technology like the apple watch and similar products. The logo is meant to evoke a more people-oriented feel for the company. PayPal is after all, a service company more than a technology company. At the end of the day though, the change is just enough to get noticed by investors who might want to purchase stock in the company now that they’ve taken a step away from Ebay.


General Electric, another huge company that competes in a variety of industries, spun off its financial operations at the end of 2015. The new financial institution has a streamlined logo but GE has decided to keep the same basic look of the logo they’ve used for over 100 years. Even for a huge company like GE, when the look works theres no need to change it.


Xerox has also released news that they will split into two companies by the end of 2016, one to handle the document business you know Xerox for and one to handle the HR, customer care and accounting services you probably didn’t realize Xerox even did. We’re looking forward to seeing how Xerox handles their logos at the end of this year.

Written by Amelia Higgins