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If you watch logos you’ve probably seen this trend: boring logos with only one or two colors, overly simple graphics and very little text. This article will go through a few notable logos that have recently simplify and why.

logo redesign comedy central

Comedy Central recently switched to a very simple black and white logo. Comedy Central watches gave the logo an initial thumb down calling it boring. Logo’s need to do more than look pretty in print and the marketers at Comedy Central know it. The static, one-piece logo just wasn’t functional for all the digital platforms Comedy Central is present on. Alicia Johnson, co-creator of the lab said, “The way a brand moves in a digital space — where everything moves — is as relevant to your experience as a static logo.”

sawbucks logo redesign branding

Another trend we’re seeing a lot of recently is removal of text in logos, especially for large companies. In 2011, Starbucks decided that the company was big enough to not need a name in the logo. Again, consumers screamed that the change was boring. For a company with the amazing brand recognition of Starbucks, the simplicity of a two-color no-text logo works. But from a marketing standpoint, the new logo just makes sense.

olive garden branding new logo

Olive Garden joined team “simplified logo” almost two years ago. Again, this logo change comes as the company is trying to reposition itself in the market. Olive Garden saw falling customer traffic and sales in 2013 so they decided to reposition. This came with lower prices, an updated menu and a new logo. The new logo is simple but without the added scalability benefits of the Comedy Central or KFC logos. Despite the explosion of dislike for the logo after its release in 2014, business seems to be doing better for Olive Garden. In 2015, Olive Garden had four quarters of steady sales growth. While we like the redesign, we’re betting the growth had to do with the promotions and new menu items more than the new logo.

Written by Amelia Higgins